Before & After: Walker Street

This particular client bought this beach house unseen..yikes! I give mad props to anyone diving into a renovation project with blind folds on! The first day of walking through it quickly became apparent the home had not been taken care of but had mad potential! First thought on a tight budget was to paint the cabinets but as we took a closer look they were in such bad shape inside and out that idea was thrown out the window..literally. So plan B in effect, keeping the overall kitchen layout and adjusting just a few minor details. We flipped the island around so it would run parallel with the kitchen sink and then added an extra base cabinet to the right of the dishwasher allowing for more counter space. Replacing some of the bulky wall cabinets with open shelving also gave the kitchen a fresher look without breaking the bank.before renovation

outer banks kitchen remodel

The bathroom had been sharing it’s space with a mean water leak causing damage I won’t even go in to. Needless to say the bathroom was gutted and put back together again keeping the same footprint only pulling in a larger vanity with deep drawers and adding a medicine cabinet for extra storage.

outer banks bathroom remodel

outer banks remodel

After Photos by Ryan + Rachel Photography